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Money Tournaments

2017 Money Tournaments

Check for open dates here: www.fishingtournament.dnr.in.gov




Wednesday Night Bass Tournaments

ENTRY FEE: $45 per boat, includes big bass
$30 Yearly membership fee
CONTACT: Greg Church 574-268-2708 gdchurch@embarqmail.com
Todd Sautter 574-527-9208 tsautter@kcgov.com
Fish 10 of the 12 tournaments to fish the National Classic at Kentucky/Barkley Lakes in October 2017
May 3WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
May 10WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
May 17WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
May 24WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
May 31WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
Jun 7WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
Jun 14WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
Jun 21WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
Jun 28WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
Jul 12WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
Jul 19WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
Jul 26WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
Aug 2WAWASEE Cancellation Make Up DateDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults

2017 C-City Bass Anglers Opens

ENTRY FEE: $60.00 per boat w/ $10.00 for Big Bass.
80% payback for 3 places up to 20 boats.
100 % payback for Big Bass
CONTACT: Steve Parker (260) 417-2264
Apr 8PalastineDNR Ramp 7am to 3pmResults
May 13WawaseeSyracuse Ramp 7am to 3pmResults
Jun 10WawaseeSyracuse Ramp 6am to 2pmResults
Jul 15SylvanDNR Ramp 6am to 2pmResults
Aug 26WawaseeSyracuse Ramp 7am to 3pmResults
Sep 9SylvanDNR Ramp 7am to 3pmResults

Beat The Weeds
TWO Day Tournament

ENTRY FEE: $100 Entry Fee includes Big Bass both days
80% Payback
CONTACT: Mitch Hayes 219-716-4808
Apr 15ManitouDNR Ramp
Apr 16PalestineDNR RampResults

Maxie Fall Slammer
TWO Day Tournament

ENTRY FEE: $100 Entry Fee includes Big Bass both days
80% Payback
CONTACT: Mitch Hayes 219-716-4808
Oct 21MaxinkuckeeDNR Ramp
Oct 22PalestineDNR RampResults

R & B Bass Circuit

The East and West Divisions require a team membership fee of $30, and entry for each event is $70.
These events payback 100%. The opens do not require a membership fee, and entry is $60.
The opens payback 80%. More information can be found at www.randbbasscircuit.com
East DivisionDirectors:
Jim Graham 260-406-2672
Greg Rekeweg 260-307-1411
Apr 15Hamilton Lake7:30 – 2:30Results
May 20Lake TippecanoeTippy Dance Hall 6:30 – 1:30Results
Jun 18Lake St. ClairHarley Ensign Ramp 6:30 – 2:30Results
Jul 29Sylvan LakeDNR Ramp 6:30 – 1:30Results
Aug 12Waldron ChainDuke’s Bridge Ramp 7:00 – 2:00Results
Sep 16Winona LakeKosciusko Fairgrounds 7:30 – 2:30Results
Oct 7TBDResults
West DivisionDirectors:
Andy Buss 574-993-3028
John DuPont 574-870-7817
Apr 29Lake WawaseeSyracuse Ramp 7:30 – 2:30Results
May 13Winona LakeKosciusko Fairgrounds 6:30 – 1:30Results
Jun 10St. Joe RiverMaggies Landing 6:30 – 2:30Results
Jul 8Austin LakeDNR Ramp 6:30 – 1:30Results
Aug 19Eagle/Juno LakesClear H20 Tackle 7:00 – 2:00Results
Sep 9Diamond LakeDNR Ramp 7:30 – 2:30Results
Oct 7TBDResults
Open TournamentsDirectors:
Andy Buss 574-993-3028
John DuPont 574-870-7817
Mar 25Lake WawaseeSyracuse Ramp 8am – 2pmResults
Apr 1Lake Manitou8am – 2pmResults

Weekend Angler
Bass Tournament Circuit

ENTRY FEE: $75 – Includes Big Bass
No Membership Fee/No Boat Limit
50/50 Raffle Towards Classic Payout
CONTACT: Mark Weaver mjweaver@ersinc.net or (260) 691-9159
Apr 15SylvanDNR 8:00 – 3:00Results
Apr 29WinonaFair Grounds 7:30 – 2:30 $5 LaunchResults
May 13WebsterBackwater Lake 7:00 – 2:00 $7 ParkingResults
Jun 10Randall Chain (MI)Waffle Farm 7:00 – 2:00 $5 LaunchResults
Jul 8WawaseeSyracuse Lake 6:30 – 1:30Results
Aug 12ClearClear Lake Marina 7:00 – 2:00 $10 LaunchResults
Sep 9JimmersonDNR 7:30 – 2:30Results
Sep 30Classic – HamiltonDNR 8:00 – 3:00Results

Casting Couples

All tournaments but OPEN’s, must be one male and one female
ENTRY FEE: $40, $5-membership each (unless under 16yrs old). 100% payback!
Must fish 2 tournaments to qualify for Classic.
CONTACT: Rick Kedik 269-240-4917 rkedik13@yahoo.com
Facebook: MichianaCastingCouples
Apr 22OPEN Maxinkuckee($50-entry plus $5-bigbass) single, 2 person team, man & or woman team.Results
May 13Pine/Stone(Laporte,IN.) 7am-1pmResults
June 10Diamond Lake(Cass, MI.) 6am-12pmResults
July 15ColdwaterColdwater, MI. Narrows Rd.) 6am-12pmResults
Jul 29OPEN TBA6am- 1pmResults
Aug 12PawPaw(Coloma, MI. launch in channels) 6am-1pmResults
Sep 2Magician(Sisters lakes, MI.) 7am-1pmResults
Sep 30Classic TBA8am-3pmResults