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Money Tournaments

2016 Money Tournaments

Check for open dates here: www.fishingtournament.dnr.in.gov



Riley Hospital CMN Tournament


Children’s Wish Bass Tournament

Contact: A20 Boating Supplies & Pro Shop

IBF Invitational Tournaments

Contact: Dwight Clunie
April 10PatokaNewton Stewart SouthResults
May 22BrookvilleResults
June 12Tanners CreekTanners CreekResults
July 17Rocky PointRocky PointResults
August 14MonroeCutrightResults
September 18PatokaNewton Stewart SouthResults
TBAClassic TBAResults

IBF Junior Invitational Trail

Contact: Brad Zellers 574-595-0449/ www.bzellers784@hotmail.com

Hoosier’s Pro Team Tournaments

Entry fee $80 include Big Bass
April 30PalestineDNR – 8am-4pmResults
May 15MaxinkuckeeDNR Park at farm house $5 FEE – 6am – 2pmResults
June 18Pine/StoneDNR – 6am – 2pmResults
July 23DewartDNR – 6am – 2pmResults
August 13TippecanoeDance Hall $5 fee – 6am – 2pmResults
October 1WinonaFairgrounds $5 fee – 7am – 3pmResults
October 15TBA / CLASSIC8am – 4pmResults

Manitou Beat the Weeds Growing Open

Two Day tournament series

Cash only, entry fee – $100, includes $5 big bass each day,
70% packback on 6 places total 2 day weight
7 Fish limit both days – 30 boat limit
Contact: Mitch Hayes – 219-716-4808
April 16PalestineDNR – 7am – 3pmResults
April 17ManitouDNR SE 7am – 3pmResults

Maxinkuckee OPEN

Entry Fee: $100 includes Big Bass, CASH ONLY PLEASE, 80% PAYBACK – PAY 3 PLACES AND BIG BASS
Contact: Mitch Hayes – 219-716-4808
October 22PalestineDNR – 8am – 2pmResults
October 23MaxinkuckeeDNR – 8am – 2pmResults

Fulton County Bass Masters Open Tournament Trail

Entry Fee: $40 Includes Big Bass, Payback 3 places
ENTRY FORMS @ www.fcbassmasters.com,
Contact: Rick Rogers 574-527-6613, rick.rogers00@comcast.net
April 23PalestinePublic – 6:30am – 2:30pmResults
May 28BarbeePublic – $5 parking fee – 6am – 2pmResults
June 25TippecanoeTippy Dance Hall – $5 ramp fee – 6am – 2pmResults
July 16WebsterPublic – 6:30am – 2:30pmResults
August 6WinonaPublic – $5 ramp fee – 7am – 3pmResults
September 3MaxinkuckeeDNR – $5 ramp fee Fairgrounds Parking at Farm House 7am – 3pmResults
September 24Dewart / CLASSICDNR – 7:30am – 3:30pmResults

Maxinkuckee Hawg Dawgs
Thursday Night Tournaments

Entry Fee: $40 Includes $5 Big Bass, $5 Club
Payback 3 places
Contact: Dave Lautt 574-835-1970
April 14MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
April 28MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
May 12MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
May 26MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
June 9MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
June 23MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
July 7MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
July 21MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
August 4MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
August 18MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults
September 1MAXINKUCKEEPublic 6PM – TBAResults

Manitou Hawg Dawgs
Tuesday Night Tournaments

Entry Fee: $25 Includes $5 Big Bass, $5 Classic/Club Payback 3 places
Contact: Mitch Hayes 219-716-4808,
April 19MANITOUDNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
May 17NYONADNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
May 21MANITOUDNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
June 14MANITOUDNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
June 28NYONADNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
July 12MANITOUDNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
July 26NYONADNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
August 9MANITOUDNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
August 23NYONADNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
September 6MANITOUDNR SE – 6PM – TBAResults
OctoberPALESTINE8am – 2pmResults

C-CITY Open Tournaments

ENTRY FEE: $60 includes $10 Big Bass 80% payback
APRIL Start times will be adjusted for safe light
Contact: Steve Parker 260-417-2264
April 9PalestineDNR – 7am – 3pmResults
April 23WawaseeSyracuse- 7am – 3pmResults
May 21SylvanDNR – 7am – 3pmResults
May 28WawaseeSyracuse – 6am – 2pmResults
June 11PalestineDNR – 6am – 2pmResults
June 25WawaseeSyracuse – 6am – 2pmResults
July 16SylvanDNR – 6am – 2pmResults
August 6WawaseeSyracuse – 6pm – 2amResults
August 27WawaseeSyracuse – 7am – 3pmResults
September 17SylvanDNR – 7am – 3pmResults

R & B Bass Circuit Ice Breakers

Entry Fee $60 includes Big Bass, 80 % Payback
Contact: Andy Buss 574-993-3028 or
John DuPont 574-870-7817
March 26WawaseeSyracuse 8am – 2pmResults
April 2ManitouDNR 8am-2pmResults

R & B Bass Circuit West Division

Entry Fee $70 includes Big Bass,
$30 Team Membership,100 % Payback
Contact: Andy Buss 574-993-3028 or
John DuPont 574-870-7817
April 30MaxinkuckeeDNR 7:30am – 2:30pmResults
May 14TippecanoeDance Hall 6:30am – 1:30pmResults
June 4Lake MichiganPortage City Marina 6:30am – 1pmResults
July 9WawaseeSyracuse 6:30am – 1pmResults
August 27Lake JamesCorner Landing 7am – 2pmResults
September 17Randall ChainWaffle Farm Campground 7:30am – 2:30pmResults
October 8TBA CLASSIC8am – 4pmResults

R & B Bass Circuit East Division

Entry Fee $70 includes Big Bass,
$30 Team Membership,100 % Payback
Contact: Andy Buss 574-993-3028 or
John DuPont 574-870-7817
April 23HamiltonDNR 7:30am – 2:30pmResults
May 21Lake JamesCorner Landing 6:30am – 1:30pmResults
June 11Randall ChainWaffle Farm Campground 6:30am – 1pmResults
July 17Lake St ClairHarley Ensing 6:30am – 2:30pmResults
August 13WawaseeSyracuse 7am – 2pmResults
September 10ColdwaterDNR 7:30am – 2:30pmResults
October 8TBA CLASSIC8am – 4pmResults

USA Bassin Team Tournament Trail

IN-56 Pine/Stone

ENTRY FEE: $75 per boat Optional $10 Big Bass
$30 membership fee per person
Contact: Andrew Ellenberger 219-242-9845
April 10Pine / StoneStone Lake Ramp – 6:30am – 2:30pmResults
May 22Pine / StoneStone Lake Ramp – 6am – 2pmResults
June 5Pine / StoneStone Lake Ramp – 5:30am – 1:30pmResults
July 10Pine / StoneStone Lake Ramp – 5:30am – 1:30pmResults
August 14Pine / StoneStone Lake Ramp – 6am – 2pmResults

USA Bassin Team Tournament Trail

IN-30 Potato Creek

ENTRY FEE: $75 per boat Optional $10 Big Bass
$30 membership fee per person
20 Boats all on EST
Contact: Tom Billings 219-331-4175 tom.billings@arcelormittal.com
April 23Potato CreekWest Ramp – 7am – 3pmResults
May 21Potato CreekWest Ramp – 6:30am – 2:30pmResults
June 11Potato CreekWest Ramp – 6am – 2pmResults
July 16Potato CreekWest Ramp – 6am – 2pmResults
August 13Potato CreekWest Ramp – 6:30am – 2:30pmResults

Pro Tackle Thursday Night Bass League

ENTRY FEE: $42, $30 per team membership
Contact: Joe Hammond 574-551-2922 or
Jason Hall 574-551-1334
Pro Tackle Outfitters 260-747-4883
May 12WAWASEEResults
May 19Results
May 26Results
June 2WAWASEEResults
June 9Results
June 16Results
June 24Results
July 7WAWASEEResults
July 14Results
July 21Results
July 28Results
August 4WAWASEE – LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP5:30-8:30pmResults
August 18Results

Hall’s Automotive Tournament Trail

All on Wawasee & 6am – 2pm

ENTRY FEE: $80, MUST Fish All 5 to Fish Classic
Contact: Joe Hammond 574-551-2922 or
Jason Hall 574-551-1334
April 16WawaseeSyracuseResults
May 21WawaseeResults
June 18WawaseeResults
July 23WawaseeResults
August 20WawaseeResults
September 17WawaseeSyracuseResults
September 18WawaseeSyracuseResults

Angler’s Choice Michigan Division

Entry Fee $160 include Big Bass;
$35 Membership per Team Member
Entry forms www.usanglerschoice.net
April 16MaxinkuckeeDNR – 7am – 3pm ESTResults
May 7Dukes BridgeDNR – 6:30am – 2:30pm ESTResults
June 18Paw PawDNR – 6am – 2pmResults
July 23St Joe Maggie’sMaggie’s – 6am – 2pmResults
August 20ColdwaterDNR – 7am – 3pmResults
September 24WawaseeSyracuse 7:30am – 3:30pmResults
October 1JamesDry Dock – 7:30am – 3:30pmResults

Weekend Angler Open Bass Tournament Circuit

Entry Fee: $75 includes Big Bass, NO BOAT LIMIT,
Contact: Mark Weaver 260-691-9159,
April 16WinonaFairgrounds $5 ramp fee, 8am – 3pmResults
May 14DewartDNR – 7am – 2pmResults
June 18Crooked (Steuben)DNR – 6:30am – 1:30 pmResults
July 9JamesCorner Landing $6 Ramp Fee – 6:30am – 1:30pmResults
August 27SylvanDNR – 7am – 2pmResults
September 10TippecanoePie Eyed Petey’s $5 ramp fee – 7:30am – 2:30pmResults
October 1Big Turkey — ClassicDNR – 8am – 3pmResults

L&L Net Singles Bass Circuit

Contact:Aaron Likens 260-336-4561 or
Mike Lytle 260-710-0128
May 7DewartDNRResults
May 28WaldronDukes BridgeResults
June 18Leo/CedavilleDNRResults
July 23JamesJimmersonResults
August 6WebsterDNRResults
September 3WaldronDukes BridgeResults

Peru Opens

Entry Fee $35 per Boat, $5 Big Bass Optional
Contact: Glen Hall 574-727-1651
April 10ManitouDNR, 8am – 4pmResults
May 22WinonaFairgrounds $5 fee, 7am – 3pmResults
June 12KokomoDNR, 6am – 2pmResults
July 9Dewart NIGHTDNR – 6pm – 2amResults
August 6Winona NIGHTFairgounds $5 fee, 6pm- 2amResults
September 11DewartDNR – 7am – 3pmResults

ICEBREAKER Team Bass Tournament

ENTRY FEE: $80 Includes $10 Big Bass 75 Boat Limit
Contact: Brian McNeal 260-402-6594
April 9WawaseeSyracuse, 8am – 4pmResults

The Indiana Sheriff’s Open
Robert “Buck” Stogsdill Memorial

Contact: Keith Kelly 812-592-2069
September 17PatokaNewton Stewart SouthResults

Auburn Bassmasters
39th Annual Team Tournament

ENTRY FEE: $65 includes big bass
Contact: Denny Cook 260-385-7545
April 17Hamilton LakeDNR 7am – 2pmResults


Wednesday Night Bass Tournaments

ENTRY FEE $45 per boat, includes big bass
$30 Yearly membership fee
CONTACT: Greg Church (574) 528-1620
Todd Sautter 574-453-4078
Fish 10 of the 12 tournaments to fish the National Classic
May 4WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
May 11WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
May 18WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
May 25WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
June 1WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
June 8WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
June 15WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
June 22WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
June 29WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
July 13WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
July 20WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
July 27WAWASEEDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults
August 3WAWASEE Cancellation Make Up DateDNR 5pm – 8:30pmResults

St Joe Valley Bass Masters
Benefit Tournament

ENTRY FEE: $60 plus $10 for Big Bass
CONTACT: DeWayne Wilda 574-315-7893
October 16DiamondDNR Ramp Sunrise + 8Results

Steuben County
Fishing for a Cure 2016

ENTRY FEE: $100 plus $10 for Big Bass
CONTACT: Bethany Pitt bpittlondon@yahoo.com
Bud Tonkel bud@drydockmarine.com
REGISTER: www.relayforlife.org
April 17Lake JamesDry Dock Marine 8am -3pmResults

Best 5 Open Tournaments

ENTRY FEE: $60 including Big Bass
CONTACT: Curtis Werner 574-276-8224
June 4WawaseeSyracuseResults
July 23Diamond (MI)DNRResults

D’s Lures Tournament Series

ENTRY FEE $80 per boat, $10 optional big bass
$30 Yearly team membership
CONTACT: Mark Fennell 260-463-1259
April 24Maxinkuckee$5 offsite parkingResults
May 15St Joe RiverMaggie’sResults
June 12Eagle/JunoClear H2OResults
July 2AustinResults
July 30Paw PawDNR West RampResults
August 21WawaseeSyracuseResults
September 17 & 18Detroit RiverElizabeth ParkResults

Cash for Bass

CONTACT: DeWayne Eck 260-920-0347
April 24Sylvan LakeResults
May 1Lake JamesCorner Landing $8 Launch FeeResults
May 15Hamilton LakePublic Ramp Parking at the HIGH SchoolResults
May 22Clear LakeClear Lake Marina Ramp $10 Launch FeeResults
June 5Dukes BridgePublic RampResults
July 10WawaseeSyracuse RampResults

Marco Bassmasters
Bradley Memorial Tournament

CONTACT: John Bradley Jr. 765-427-7455
Gene Hundt 574-930-4876
Limited to 50 boats
September 25MaxinkuckeeDNR RampResults

Cardwell Built Tournament Trail
Monday Evenings

ENTRY FEE: $30 Team
CONTACT: Mat Temme 765-438-0854
May 2 – Sept 5Kokomo Reservoir5:00pm – 9:00pmResults
May 30Kokomo Reservoir Memorial Daysunrise – 1:00pmResults
July 4Kokomo Reservoir Independence Daysunrise – 1:00pmResults
Sept 5Kokomo Reservoir Labor Daysunrise – 1:00pmResults

Kokomo 150 Open

ENTRY FEE: $150 100% payback
CONTACT: Mat Temme 765-438-0854
April 23Kokomo ReservoirSunrise till 2:00pmResults
May 14Kokomo ReservoirSunrise till 2:00pmResults
June 25Kokomo ReservoirSunrise till 2:00pmResults
July 16Kokomo ReservoirSunrise till 2:00pmResults
August 20Kokomo ReservoirSunrise till 2:00pmResults
September 10Kokomo ReservoirSunrise till 2:00pmResults

USA Bassin IN-41
545 Northern Indiana Division

CONTACT: Troy Thornburg, tthornburg70@gmail.com
April 23ChapmanDNR Ramp 7:00 am – 3:00 pmResults
May 14BarbeeKuhn Lake Ramp 6:30 am – 2:30 pmResults
June 4WinonaFairgrounds Ramp 6:15 am – 2:15 pmResults
June 18St. JoeSix Span 6:00 am – 2:00 pmResults
July 9TippicanoeDance Hall 6:00 am – 2:00 pmResults

Anglers Dream Division 15

ENTRY FEE: $125 per boat
$40 membership fee per person
CONTACT: Randy Forszt 219-921-6375 & DeWayne Wilda 574-315-7893
April 17MaxinkuckeeResults
May 7MaxinkuckeeResults
June 12MaxinkuckeeResults
July 23MaxinkuckeeResults
August 6MaxinkuckeeResults
September 17MaxinkuckeeResults

Butler Fire Dept. Open

ENTRY: $70 per boat
REGISTRATION: until 7 a.m.
CONTACT: Butler fire Dept.
260-868-2044 ext. 504
September 10Hamilton LakeParking at High SchoolResults

Speedway 500 Bassmasters

ENTRY: $60.00/Team,
Optional Big Bass $10.00/Team
CONTACT: Steve Contos 317-297-1633
March 26GeistOlio Road 7:30am to 3:30pmResults
September 24GeistOlio Road 7:30am to 3:30pmResults

Casting Couples

ENTRY: $40.00/Team, $5-membership per-person
Must be one male and one female in boat
CONTACT: Rick and Jennifer Kedik
(269) 240-4917 rkedik13@yahoo.com
April 23Hudson7am estResults
May 7St.Joe River6-span 6:30am estResults
June 11Klinger6:30am estResults
July 16Corey6:30am estResults
August 13Lk of the Woods6:30am estResults
September 10Eagle/Juno7am estResults
October 15TBA ClassicResults

Ernie Borntrager Bass Tournament
to Benefit The Elkhart County Shrine Club

ENTRY: $75 + $10 Optional Big Bass
CONTACT: Bryan Seymour 574-612-3732
August 6WawaseeSyracuse 6:45am – 2:45pmResults

11th Annual Concord Fire Dept.
Bass Tournament

ENTRY:$65 + $10 Optional Big Bass
and $5 Optional Junk Fish Pot
CONTACT:Shannon Wilson
sww720@live.com 260-246-4460
June 18Hamilton Lake6:00AM – 1:00PMResults

SW Michigan Big Bass Challenge

ENTRY:$45 ($80 for July 31 Tournament)
CONTACT:John Gipson
May 29Paw Paw Lake6:30 – 1:30 (20 boats)Results
June 11Van Auken Lake6:30 – 1:30 (20 boats)Results
July 2Pipestone Lake6:30 – 1:30 (20 boats)Results
July 16Cedar Lake6:30 – 1:30 (20 boats)Results
July 31Eagle/Juno Lakes7:00 – 3:00 (40 boats)Results
August 6Lake of the Woods7:00 – 2:00 (20 boats)Results
October 15St. Joe River Benton HarborCLASSICResults
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