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President’s Message – January 2012

I hope the New Year finds everyone well. I hope each and everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I also hope everyone had a great 2011 fishing season. The 2012 season is just around the corner and most are planning their schedules already. The IBF Trail will be one you will want to put on your schedule. We have a new Director this year, his name is Kenny Swint. He can be reached at swintkd1@aol.com. Kenny will do an excellent job, just as Eric Hardesty did this last year.

One sure sign of the coming of a new season is the Indy Boat Show in February. As always we need help selling Raffle Tickets at the booth. Please sign up to help by contacting Ed O’Connor; he can be contacted by calling 317-839-7066. PLEASE call him to help; we never have to much help. We need to sell as many tickets as possible, as this is our only source of income to take care of our many projects.

Kenny Swint is also our Raffle Chairman. We do have a boat again this year and will have it at the boat show. Please contact Kenny to get more tickets when you run out. Your club will need to sell their minimum to be eligible to fish the Top-8 this year.

At the last Board Meeting, American Income Life made a presentation to give each IBF Member $2000.00 accidental life and dismemberment insurance at no charge to the membership. You will sometime after Feb. 1 receive a packet from them. They will offer you additional insurance if you so desire, but you have no obligation to do so and you will still have the AD& D coverage.

You are going to see a new face to our Website as the TBF will be hosting it. The Board voted to change to save the IBF money per year; we hope that you will like the change.

Please get your Club updates in to the IBF and TBF as soon as possible. Deadline for the TBF was Dec.31, 2011. Deadline for the IBF is Feb. 1, 2012.

I wish everyone a very successful 2012 fishing season!

Until next time, good fishing

Paul Hollabaugh