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2012 Top 8 State Finals Results


IBF State Finals 2012

Officiating a State Finals Tournament, at site, is only a small part of the job.

The job actually starts when you pull together all the State Finals, entry forms with tournament results from all the Zone/District tournaments.

Prior to getting to the Friday evening meeting, it took an extra 36 phone calls/e-mails to put together a field of 42 boaters and 42 non-boaters. My last call, for a boater to drop out was while I was at supper ( 6:05 P.M. ) Thursday evening, prior to my leaving at noon on Friday.

The Friday evening sign-in went well, the meeting started out with a presentation of Gator-Grip Bump Boards presented to the Top Qualifier’s from the Zone – District Tournaments.

Those receiving the bump boards were Z1 D 1 & 2 Shawn Macks, Z1 D 3 Travis Harris ( not in attendance ) Z 1 D 4 Marc Evans, Z 2 Drew Crawford, Z 3 D 7 Walter Wynn Jr, Z 3 D 8 Terry Conner, Z 4 D 9 Mike Ruddick and Z 4 D 10 Allen Boyd. Congratulations to all these great fishermen.

I did a pre-draw at home, so when I called out a boater & non-boater they stood to my left, then I called out another boater & non-boater, they stood to my right, this was the Saturday & Sunday partners, as the non-boaters switched boats and got to meet both boater partners.

In my way of thinking this allows you to meet ( 3 ) new folks from around the state.

Saturday morning take off went well, with an adjustment in fishing hours, to allow some 9 hours the first day.

After completing the weigh-in, Scott Dieterman held the leader position, with (4) fish weighing 11.36 lbs. Terry McWilliams was # 2 with one of the two limits for the day with 5 fish weighing 10.26 lbs. The 12th place cut was Davis Sauer with 4.56 lbs. Big Bass for the day was 4.24 caught by Dave Cermak.

Most of the contestants and crew noticed the water level had gone down over night, by some one foot.

Sunday morning take off was slowed, due to having a boat go down. I switched a non –boater, Dave Hedge to a boater, with boater ( broke down ) Lee Duracz, and took non-boater Eric Hardesty and placed him in Phil Reel’s boat. This delayed take off again so the time was adjusted to check-in at 2:30P.M.

Near the check-in time Phil Reel called and stated he needed to return to weigh-in in another contestant’s boat and leave Eric with his boat as it was broke down. I also spotted Dave Hedge returning, to the ramp on trolling motor, due to a spun hub on his prop.

What a turn of events. Whom is the black cat in this story?????

Of the Top-12 Qualifiers, Terry McWilliams and Dave Cermak needed only one day’s weight to make the final cut.

Finishing in the 12th qualifying spot went to John Melton with a 2 day total of 7.88 lbs.

Big Bass for Sunday was 3.18 lbs. caught by Jon Dybel, who caught one fish for the tournament, but what a fish to catch, worth some $ 420.00.

We had a P.O.Plugger form Indianapolis Z 3 D 7 qualify for his 3rd State Team in a row,

Walter Wynn Jr will be going to Ohio in September 2013 to be a member of the 2013 State team.

Congratulations to all those that fished and to our Indiana Bass 2013 State Team.

After returning home, I received a number of calls, thanking me and my crew for a job well done. My crew consisted of Vice President of IBF, Dewayne Wilda, my lady, Pat De Long, daughter Kim Watson Smith, son-in-law Joe Smith and grandson Zane Smith. Rob Killey assisted by putting the weights in a computer, to allow us speedier results.

As always there are always a few complaint’s, this year was no exception: There is a rule, under ( O ) State Finals Set – Up # 9 Non – Boaters expense money should be $ 20.00 per day.

There were non-boaters who stepped out of the boat, walked away and never offered the boater any money.

I would like for everyone to know, I volunteered to help Mr. Bill Rea run this tournament.

Mr. Bill passed away prior to the tournament and I know he missed being there in person, but I know he was there in spirit. He will be greatly missed around the Federation, as his famous blue, red and yellow Ranger Boat will not be with us but he is in the big pond wetting a line.

Thanks to all of you and good by

Larry P Watson