Top 8 Rule Changes for 2014

During the last two Board Meetings your Directors voted to change some of the Top 8 rules to allow more members to fish the Top 8 tournaments and the State Finals.  Here are the two rule changes:

First – In years past, the number of anglers that advance from each Top 8 to the State Finals was equal to the number of teams that competed in that Top 8.  In 2014 we are going to allow 1.5 members to advance per participating team.  Under the old system, if there were 10 teams fishing your Top 8, the top 10 finishing anglers would advance to the State Finals.  In 2014, if there are 10 teams at your Top 8, the top 16 finishers will advance to the State Finals (15 finishers rounded up to the next even number).

Second – In an effort to allow our larger clubs to get more members involved in the Top 8 program, the Board has decided to allow clubs to send multiple teams to the Top 8 tournament.   If a club sends multiple teams, they would fish against each other, just like they fish against teams from other clubs.  Each team that a club sends would  have to sell 150 raffle tickets per team and pay the Top 8 entry fee per team.  If a club sends 2 teams, they would have to sell 300 raffle tickets and pay $500 in entry fees.  If a club sends 3 teams, they would have to sell 450 raffle tickets and pay $750 in entry fee’s and so on.  If your club is interested in having multiple teams fish the Top 8 in 2014, please contact me (317) 331-4113 and I will explain how the paperwork needs to be filled out.

Thank you,

Eric Hardesty

IBF Secretary