2014 IBF Invitational Trail

Gentlemen, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and has a happy, safe a prosperous new year.

I have been working on sponsoring partners for YOUR trail. I am putting together an entry booklet.

I have attached the 2014 Entry form and will be accepting entries. As an incentive to enter early, I will give 5 raffle tickets for each raffle to any anglers or co-anglers who send in payment for all six entries. ($30.00 value).

Please remember that any entries received after the entry deadline are not Guaranteed.   Each entry received without a Guaranteed Entry partner will be placed on the list in order received and paired in that manner. Again we are keeping entry prices the same. Pay out will again be 70% out to 10% of the field at the ramp.  Last year including the classic we paid out over 90% of the entry fees back to the fishermen. Although the Classic location has yet to be determined, the date is solid. That weekend avoids all of the major tournament trails classics and regionals.

If you have ideas for businesses or supporters who will want an ad in our entry flyer please get with me immediately as this is being finalized very soon.


Kenny Swint (and crew)

Proud to be your Tournament Director