Aquatic Habitat Enhancement Plan for the Placement of Natural and Artificial Habitats in Indiana’s Reservoirs

The attached report will serve as the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s guiding document for the Indiana Reservoir Aquatic Habitat Enhancement Program. This document outlines strategies for lake selection, permits, recommended structures, and structure placement recommendations. It does not have specifics on shoreline stabilization or dredging recommendations but the D.N.R. hopes to include those types of projects as they move forward. This is to be a living document that will be revised as the D.N.R. learns new techniques and include more structures. The D.N.R. goal is to not create fish attractors but to enhance or create habitat so they have purposely limited structures to those that have been documented by other states as being quality habitat contributors. This is a public document. Individual plans for projects will be created and one for Sullivan Lake has been written and has been submitted for approval.

Maggie Templeton
IBF Conservation Director