Supporting Go FishIN

Go FishINAs the Indiana Bass Federation Conservation Director, I invite all of our clubs to support the Indiana DNR Go FishIN program. Whatever we do to assist is greatly appreciated. Go FishIN promotes conservation, fish biology, angler ethics and angler skills for the Indiana youth through educational workshops. Learn more about Go FishIN.

Below, see the Go FishIN Wish List divided by Zone. By each club purchasing a small amount of equipment on their wish list, with the IBF in a combined effort, it will be a success story for the DNR as well for each one of us! Each Club is to coordinate with their zone director letting him know what you will check off the list and turn in to him. Each zone director will contact Clint Kowalik, Go FishIN Coordinator, by email to confirm the area drop off time and closest location.

Directors, please forward the information on what was collected from within your zone to me for posting on our website.

Our completion date is set for May 2, 2016.

I give a big THANK YOU to each one for being proactive and helping the DNR in our communities!

Maggie Templeton
I.B.F. Conservation Director


Wish List

Zone 1

  • 100 Shakespeare Sturdy Stik
  • lots of 6#, 8#, and 10# mono-line
  • lots of 5-5.5″ pencil-like bobbers, balsam wood preferred
  • lots of small rooster tails, small spinner baits, small crank baits, small buzz baits
  • 50 4″ fillet knives
  • 15 x 5 gal buckets

Zone 2

  • 100 Shakespeare Synergy Steel reels
  • lots of size 8 aberdeen or straight shank hooks
  • lots of size 8 barbless hooks
  • 100 circle hooks for channel catfish
  • 100 slip bobbers
  • 4 Landing nets for catfish
  • 50 6″ fillet knives

Zone 3

  • 100 Shakespeare Wonderpole 10′ telescoping
  • 50 6″ pliers
  • 6 “Honey hole tree/shrub fish attractors” for the State Fair Fishing Pond
  • 5 fillet knife sharpeners

Zone 4

  • 100 Shakespeare Amphibian spinning combos (or something similar – basic
  • spinning combo)
  • 50 Plano clear tackle boxes for storing terminal tackle and pliers (prolatch Plano
  • open compartment utility boxes would work)
  • 5 classic folding fish cleaning camp table
  • 50 multi-purpose fishing gloves (thin, for filleting)


Possible drop off spots:

  • Mixsawbah SFH
  • NERO, Columbia City
  • Atterbury FWA
  • Golden Burke Scout Center
  • 1698 Hawkins Ct, Greenwood (Clint’s house)
  • Lincoln SP, Driftwood SFH
  • Driftwood SFH, Hardy Lake

Clint Kowalik
Go FishIN Coordinator