White River Beach?

Three articles addressing plans for the White River in Indianapolis.

A beach along the White River? It could happen

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Visit Indy tourism group has announced a plan to add attractions and visitors to the downtown riverfront by 2025.

Visit Indy officials said they’d like to see parts of the White River lined with restaurants, cafes, hotels and possibly even a beach. Over the next year, the group will meet with the mayor and other community leaders to discuss the ideas and explore ways the plan can work. Read more…

A beach on the White River could be a reality — maybe

Would you use a beach on the White River?

Would you set up an umbrella and sun yourself on a sandy area on the urban waterway that flows through Indianapolis? The one plagued for years with pollution issues?

Yes, that’s a serious question — because it seriously could happen. Read more…

Visit Indy hopes to create beach along White River

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 18, 2016)– Visit Indy wants to attract more visitors to Indianapolis and more people to downtown by creating a beach along White River.

The idea came out of months of research, said Visit Indy spokesman Chris Gahl. The tourism agency is eyeing the area around 16 Tech, the old GM Stamping Plant, and part of the White River State Park. Read more…