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2016 Club of the Year Awards


Awarded to the club hat demonstrates it has successfully promoted the preservation of our public waters, fishing habitat, and environment from overuse, pollution, invasive plant and animal species and natural disasters.

2016 Conservation Award Winner – Indiana Bass’n Gals (Indianapolis)

Through their Kids & Co tournament the kids learned to sort out dead fish that was to be used by the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to not only feed animals but to help train them to catch their own food. They also provided a presentation for education of wildlife such as snakes, alligators, owls and other animals.  They also presented an educational format at Lake Monroe which included information on fishing technics and  provided conservation information as well.


Community Service

Awarded to the club that has made a positive influence on our fellow man not only to improve our society and our community but to also promote bass fishing in a positive manner.


2016 community Service Award Winner – St Joe Valley Bass Masters (South Bend)

The club was involved in a “Crimes Night Out”, a program that gives local residents a chance to take their families out to enjoy some free food and meet local merchants who help support crime prevention. Organizations present were home security vendors, local fire and police departments and their reserve units. Some local restaurants were present to hand out free food and drink. The whole thing is a meet and greet for the public to interact with law enforcement and business from the area.  The club was there to give the kids an idea of what they can get involved with instead of roaming the streets. They also conducted a charity tournament that is unique in that the tournament winners get to choose what organization receives the benefit. In 2016 the winner team directed the benefit to Hospice who received $500.



Awarded to the club the club that has demonstrated through their projects, programs, activities, and support of IBF and TBF youth projects which encourages the youth of Indiana to participate in fishing activities, advocates the positive fishing experience, and educates the youth not only on fishing techniques but also environmental stewardship.

2016 Youth Award Winner – Indiana Bass’n Gals (Indianapolis)

The club hosted their 30th annual Kid & Co .kids tournament, a family outdoor and youth fishing event held at Cutright Ramp on Lake Monroe. The event drew about one hundred kids plus their accompanying adults, bringing together more than 250 persons to celebrate fishing and nature. For some young anglers, this was their first year to fish. For others, participating in the event is a base upon which tradition and generations of family memories are built. The club cleaned the toys in the Toy Room at the Indianapolis Ronald McDonald House twice during the year. They also provided an education program demonstrating to the kids the proper use and importance of wearing life jackets.


Club of The Year Award

The IBF recognizes the club that overall best promotes all three goals of promoting fishing to youth, promoting conservation, and providing community service.

2016 Club of the Year – Indiana Bass’n Gals (Indianapolis)

They were chosen as the Club of the Year based on the support and education of the Youth of Indiana, their efforts to educate the youth on nature and conservation, to provide community Service and promote and spotlight bass in a positive manner.