Top 8 Tournaments Postponed

Dear IBF Members,

With the current Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions as well as the uncertainty as to when the restrictions will be lifted the Federation Officers have decided it is in everyone’s best interest to postpone all Top 8 Tournaments. Zone Directors will reschedule their Zone’s Top 8 tournaments. Because of possible scheduling conflicts and the unknown duration of the pandemic the Top 8 tournaments may be reduced to one day events. If they are one day tournaments, we will adjust the qualifications for the National Semi Final to avoid any reduction in the number that qualify for the NSF. At this point there is no plan to change the State Championship scheduled for July 25 and 26 at Rocky Point. Please look to your Zone Directors for the new Top 8 date(s). Stay safe and healthy and we hope to get through these tough times by following all the guidelines set out by the CDC and government agencies so we can reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Your President,
Kelly Hook