2022 IBF Fishing Party Results

The inaugural INDIANA BASS FEDERATION FISHING PARTY was held Friday and Saturday, November 11th and 12th at the famous Lake Chickamauga in Dayton, TN. The event started with a barbecue dinner on Thursday evening at the Rhea County Visitors Center.  Awards were given to teams with who traveled the furthest, teams with the oldest combined age of the competitors.  A drawing for door prizes was held with some wonderful prizes from our Sponsors. The weather did not cooperate very well as we fished in the rain from takeoff through noon on Friday but a good number of fish were caught. The team of Matt Yagle and Ernie McCormick lead day one with three fish weighing 15.44 lbs.  They had big bass of the tournament with a 7.43 lb largemouth backed up by a 6 pounder and another small keeper. Eventual winners Paul Jones and Dale Fess weighed in a 5 fish limit on day 1, weighing 13.41 and another limit on day 2 of 14.21 taking home  $2,000.00 and bragging rights. 2nd Place team of Brian Coleman and Korey Meadows weighed in 25.25 over the two days to win $800. They also won the Brownies Marine awards as they were fishing out of Brian’s Ranger he purchased at Brownies. Ernie McCormick and Matt Yagle ended up third winning $400. They also won the bonus from Just Add Water Boats for fishing out of a Vexus boat. 

PlaceTeamIBF ClubTotalWinningsBonus
1Dale Fess – Paul JonesLily Pad Bass, First River City27.62$2,000.00
2Brian Coleman – Korey MeadowsTri County Bass Anglers25.25$800.00 $600 from Brownies Marine
3Ernie McCormick – Matt YagleHardluck Bassmasters24.87$400.00 $400 BB  and $200 from JUST ADD WATER boats  
4Dave Schneider Jr – Dave Schneider Sr.Indy Bass23.15$300.00 Parent child team
5Tony Emberton – Tom PritchardTri County Bass Anglers21.38$250.00 Military veteran on board,  Tom Pritchard US Army
6Curt Cox – Corey ShowalterGad-A-Bout Bass Club20.12$250.00
7Tom Bowker – Richard LorenzeSycamore Bass Club18.21$200 from HONEY CREEK TACKLE
8Dave Martin – Mike BrackenIndy Bass17.96
9Fred Mathes – Roger DunawayHoosier Hills Bassmasters17.43
10Jerry Arnett – Bob MockPeru Bassmasters15.21
11Danny Abrams – Nicole FoorIBF Trail Club12.98Team with a female member
12Kenny Swint – Jared WiserHard Luck Bassmasters10.68
13Jeff Ellis – Steve ContosSpeedway 500 Bassmasters9.26
14Mike Goins – Larry DeaconPotato Creek Bass Club5.94
15Jason Wulf – Jim RichmondIndiana Bass Club5.24
16Tom Foreman – Rob ForemanHardluck Bassmasters5.23
17Kelly Hook – Eric PateLilly Pad Bass Club5.16
18Robert Henslee – Robert HensleeIndy Bass3.75
Jeremy Arnold –  Julie Arnold0
Charles Largen – Paul GleissnerPotato Creek Bass Club0Longest traveled

Please call, stop by, use the products and thank the sponsors who donated to support this tournament, including, Brownies Marine, Honey Creek Tackle, Just Add Water Boats, Sherm’s Marine, Moore Boats and Bass Boat Saver. 

Plans are already being discussed about next year. Do you have any suggestions?  Please let us know.

Thanks for fishing with Indiana Bass Federation.

Board of Directors.   

Paul Jones and Dale Fess 1st Place, 27.62 lbs. $2,000.00 from Mike Goins
Brian Coleman and Korey Meadows, 2nd place, 25.25 lbs. $800 from Mike Goins
Matt Yagle and Ernie McCormick 3rd. Place 24.87 lbs. $400 from Mike Goins
Dave Schneider Jr. and Dave Schneider Sr 4th Place 23.15 lbs. $300 from Mike Goins
Tommy Pritchard and Tony Emberton 5th Place 21.38 lbs $250.00 from Mike Goins

Curt Cox and Corey Showalter 6th Place 20.12 lbs. $250.00 from Mike Goins
Matt Yagle and Ernie McCormick with the day one bag including overall
Big Bass of 7.43 along with another over 6 lbs. and a third for 15.44 and
Day 1 lead. Big Bass paid $400.00