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2012 Zone 1 District 1 & 2 Top 8

Districts 1 & 2 Top 8 was hosted by St Joe Valley Bass Masters on May 5 & 6 on the St Joe River at Maggie’s Landing. The weather Saturday was cloudy and warm with temps reaching the mid 70’s, Sunday was sunny with temps reaching the mid 70’s again. We couldn’t have hit this stretch of the river any better than we did. With a full moon and temps rising all week it pushed the fish up to spawn. Fish were caught on the main river and in the channels and bay areas, basically everywhere.

We had 82 fishermen, who caught a total of 663 fish weighing 882 pounds. Every fisherman caught fish, nobody blanked.

The overall winner was Shawn Mark from Marco club with 19.30 lbs

15.01 lbs was the cut

1st place club was Potato Creek with 106.67 lbs